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school visits 

legiiavg is able to deliver a key stage 2, 7-11 year old school talk.
this can include discussions on why the romans came to Britain, how civilians became roman soldiers and a detailed description  of many provided artefacts that the children can see in use.
Additionally children have the chance to get involved in a Latin drill with the roman soldiers.

EGIIAVG has the capacity to provide:

  • A presentation on the lives of women children and civilians in Roman Britain including replicas of roman artefacts.

  • A presentation on the life and deaths of gladiators including replicas of roman artefacts.

  • A presentation about the Roman military including a military tent and replicas of Roman artefacts.

  • An Army training drill for the children to get involved and allowing them to experience life in the Roman army.

To get in touch with contact us below or call 02392369970

Thanks! Message sent.

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